Countinuos Casting demands more
than just Powder Supply

  • Casting Conditions
  • Mould Flux Performance
  • Secondary Metallurgy

Final Product
Quality and Operational Safety

Teylor Made Products required
Deep Cooperation withCustomers

  • Trial supervision and on-site support.
  • On-demand check and optiimization of casting parameters.
  • Consultancy in case of revamp, investments and new technologies.

Prosimet’s customer service department is backed by the know-how of skilled engineers and technicians who provide customers with expert technical support.

The Prosimet team works closely with customers to determine their specific requirements.
Such knowledge can then be used to design and develop specific products ranging from customized packaging to tailor-made technical solutions.

Prosimet technicians provide on-demand assistance and technical consultation, attend tests and share their knowledge and expertise.

With a wide range of skills in the chemistry, metallurgy and steel casting fields, Prosimet experts visit customer sites to suggest technical solutions to improve and optimize mould flux processes and operations.

The Prosimet customer service department works together with the Technical and R&D Departments to support clients, helping them to meet all those challenges involving continuous improvement in performance and quality levels.